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Default Jumping Stilts, PowerStrider, AirTrekker (New Latest Model cz 0834)

Kondisi Barang : Baru

Harga :

Lokasi Seller : DKI Jakarta

Description :

Best New Powerstrider Adult Jumping Shoes Bounce Stilts--2012 New Design Gym Equipment Sports Products for Adult Fitness and Body Building

Jumping stilts series products are unconstrained by age, time and area. Free play, free jump, bouncing stride could reach 3 meters, height could reach 2 meters. There are various playing and are followed by large populations. It is a healthy, safe and new style sports game which could help heighten, keep fit, lose weight, relieve pressure, strengthen physique, entertainment etc.

Spoiler for open this:
Spoiler for open this:
for pics:


Diskripsi Produk:

Spoiler for open this:
Spoiler for open this:
for desc:

Products Introduction--Unique & Peculiar

This is a new and modern sport. It is spreading around the world!

1. Jumping stilts is the necessary tool for the training in all sports.

2. Jumping stilts could help you to breakthrough the limit of yourself. You could jump higher and run faster.

3. Jumping 15 minutes=Jogging 30 minutes=Consuming 297 KCAL

4. Jumping stilts is beneficial to stretch, exercise and protect bones, especially to the growth of teenagers.

5. Jumping stilts would bring you feeling of great joy when you play this new fashionable sport.

Products Funtion--Excellent & Multifunctional

1. Easy to learn! Safe!

Beginners can walk independently within 1 minute.

2. It is a necessary equipment for sports training!

As a sports training equipment, Jumping stilts can arouse motor nerve system effectively, so that to increase speed, explosive force, body's coordination and flexility. It says in the report of International Jumper Sports Association: player who uses Jumping stilts as a training equipment before a competition can get a better body state, run faster, jump higher, even create a breakthrough beyond the physical difficult sports utmost limit.

3. Fitness, Losing weight!

Jumping and running with Jumping stilts can strengthen organism metabolism, will be benefit of arm, waist, hip, back, shoulder and leg. The overseas authoritative medical societies verify that jumping and running can strengthen elasticity of muscle fiber, regulate sensibility of human body, build body's balance, so that to regulate endocrine and burn calories, losing weight. Without taking medicine, use Jumping stilts, 15mins jumping = 30 mins jogging = consuming 297 calories.

4. Run faster, Jump higher!

After a period of training, Jumping stilts can help you to take one step 2~3 meters and also jump 1~2 meters high.

5. Stretching skeleton, Heightening naturally!

Jumping Stilts can strengthen organism metabolism for children, increase the circulation of blood, stimulate secretion of growth hormone, give benign stimulation to bones. During children's growing development period, Jumping stilts will heightrening without damaging skeletons. Children's growing development probably decide their height and health when they become adults. Exercise with Jumping stilts from childhood could build good body health!

[spoiler=open this] for foto:

CZ0834AL--Be made of aluminium.

It's the lightest jumpers in the world!

Measurement: 88x22x41cm

N/W: 7.0KG/pair

G/W: 9.0KG/pair

Color: Silver

Packing: One pair/ctn

CA80--For users from(80~89KG, 175~196LBS)

Dijual gan barang 100% baru

model terbaru 2012

full alumunium, jumping stilts paling ringan di dunia.

cocok untuk agan dengan BB 70-90kg, tinggi 165-190cm

disertai CD latihan.

Harga 2jt (nego) full alumunium.

ready stok.

100% new in box.

contact me at : 0816.137.1018

Rekber OK, kirim by TIKI/JNE

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