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Default Motorcycle Vehicle System scripter need...


About US: We are a 2 man crew in the begining stages of working with Cry Engine. Up untill this point we have worked with Unity 3D, Hero Engine, and Torque 3D. We are primarily modelers.

About Project: Are goal is to create a large multi-player open world game in the vain of a virtual world. A project where you will develop your own city, build an economy, defend, and war against other cites. A unique aspect to the game will be the ability to take over any character in the game and play as a first person. We are also in the midst of designing a asset system that will allow for user created content.

Progress: Current progress is in the stages of becoming aware of the Cry Engine capabilities and what parts we will need additional help with. We are building small levels to test vehicle systems, HUD's, AI, etc. So in essence we are in the stages of what do we do next.

Current Needs: As we move towards beginning development we are in need of a vehicle system for motorcycles. Our needs are specific in the sense of configurable options. i.e. Being able to set animations for different stages of riding the motorcycle. The reason for this is that in final end game we want to provide the ability for the gamer to change these settings. The job would be negotiable for price as we are not a large game studio, but the final code would be donated to the community, so it needs to be able to be added into any sdk setup.

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