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Default Geomembrane standard composite membrane

Harga (Rp): 99
Lokasi: DKI Jakarta

Warp knitting composite geomembrane is a new type of geomembrane which is reinforced by synthetic fiber (or glass fiber).


Warp knitting composite geomembrane is different from general geomembrane. Its biggest characteristic is that the intersection of longitude and latitude lines does not bend, and they are in a straight state. The two can be tied together firmly with binding line, which can be more uniform and synchronous in a comprehensive way, and can bear external force and distribute stress. Moreover, when the external force is applied to tear the material, the yarn will embrace and gather along the initial crack and increase the tear strength.

When warp knitting is combined, warp knitting binding thread is used to repeatedly cross the fiber layers of warp, weft and hdpe smooth geomembrane to make the three braided into one.Therefore, the warp knitting composite geomembrane has the characteristics of high tensile strength, low elongation and waterproof performance.Therefore, warp knitting composite geomembrane is a kind of impervious material with the function of reinforcing, isolating and protecting. It is a high level of applied geotechnical composite material in the world today.


High tensile strength, low elongation, uniform longitudinal and transverse deformation, high tear resistance, excellent wear resistance, strong water resistance.

The main function

1. Set anti-seepage and drainage in one, and have the function of isolation and reinforcement.

2. High composite strength, high peel strength and high puncture resistance.

3. Strong drainage capacity, large friction coefficient and small linear expansion coefficient.

4. Good aging resistance, wide temperature range and stable quality.

The engineering application

Warp knitting reinforced waterproof geotextile fabric has excellent water resistance, durability and protection. It can be widely used in railway, highway, sports hall, dyke, hydraulic construction, tunnel, coastal beach, reclamation, environmental protection and other projects.

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