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Default Qku8 & nbsp; the previous version of the & nbsp & nbsp; & nbsp; in th

& nbsp; the previous version of the & nbsp & nbsp; & nbsp; in the next edition of the & nbsp & nbsp; & nbsp; on December 9, 2010 to return to the title page navigation page navigation page Overview & nbsp; Liang 057 weekly amplification to shrink the default home actually Erlang shop invite you to appreciate the outdoor furniture home actually Erlang shop outdoor home with last week priced lower than buying activity field< p > unexpectedly the home Erlang shop at the end of ex gratia promotions is entering its last week, in addition to the quota, and integral to send home, pumping iPad, shopping daily fare, guess free to send thousands of furniture building materials "," less than priced limit buy "to go outside, specially invited consumers experience the outdoor furniture bring comfortable life. Super large shop in Erlang street is currently in Chongqing, and the country's largest outdoor furniture distribution center. < p > unexpectedly the home Erlang Shop Street outdoor furniture exhibition area of 5000 square meters, gathering, including the United States agio, German MBM, yotrio, lattice Lulang, double,Qku8, ArtMia, u-king Jingxuan, sunny garden several domestic and international well-known brands, is the Chongqing and even the whole country with the largest scale, the most complete category of outdoor furniture professional supermarket and Chongqing villa villa consumers buy outdoor furniture in the first. < p > according to the actually home Erlang shop general manager Zhang Anqi, this week, in the atrium of Erlang shop held outdoor furniture appreciation experience activities,Qku8, consumers can personally to the outdoor furniture to sit, experience of outdoor leisure comfortable atmosphere, enjoy the sunshine of life. related news year-end promotions wonderful to continue < p > this week, unexpectedly the home Erlang shop will once again organize venue famous brand, launched dozens of furniture, building materials of super high price "below priced limited to buying" activities. Such as the original price of 2680 yuan simple European snooker several parties, buying price only 588 yuan; the original price of $3070 Anwar toilet, buying price 399 yuan; the original price of 1598 yuan is special glass round table, buying price only 456 yuan...... < p > Erlang shop will be on December 12, distributed free of charge 200 buying coupons, consumers at the scene can receive a voucher in 2 p.m. at the shopping center on the first floor at the north gate of the Limited buying activity. < p > at the same time, unexpectedly the home Erlang shop will once again push 6 boutique were prize quiz, six brands come up with a price of 1000 yuan more than the furniture, building materials products, such as Kang Table, left and right sofa pedal, federal cabinet, Yu toilet, is high bathroom cabinet, Yi round doors. On the afternoon of December 12, < p > 4:00, the mall will issued 200 quiz coupons, and out of the six groups of consumers goods quiz price. Each group of five, guess the price closest to their free access to thousands of furniture, building materials products. reporter Yang Zhaoquan ; > http://www.sdwfshuma.com/forum.php?m...read&tid=53291 http://www.tymjkj.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=61013 http://darjona.com/foro/viewtopic.ph...271476#p271476

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