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jennyslate 12th February 04:34 PM

How does a Stair step plan work in the MLM business?

The Stair step plan depends on the volume of sales to be achieved by the network's distributors. At each stage, members must meet the standard goal of earning revenue, and if it continues, they will be promoted to the next higher level. The target may vary for different positions, and the percentage of revenue depends on the position they received. This is the oldest traditional business plan that can be easily understood by everyone and is particularly relevant to business start-ups because of the low level of risk.

Stair step compensation MLM plan is primarily starts just like an Unilevel MLM Plan where there is a large unlimited number of front line positions. As it gradually goes deeper there is a percentage or target cut-off at each level. As group size grows, there are usually group volume requirements to achieve status. When the team grows, it will "Break Away" and also everyone will gain a small bonus on the whole team. This is a great business plan, with a good team and a good compensation ratio to earn more revenue.

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